Strategic Coaching

Strategic Coaching

Moving from Inspired Concepts to Faithful Realities

We're a sounding-board and thought partner.  We add value by helping you sort between God-ideas and good ideas.  Use our powerful frameworks to gain clarity, design a dynamic processes, and complete effective steps — all while building your team's ownership and execution.

Three Keys to Better Strategy

Explore the tabs below for three key ideas we believe are essential for God-glorifying strategies for businesses, organization, churches, and ministries.  You can also browse some case studies further down the page.

  • What's God's Direction?

    We've asked dozens of Christian business and ministry leaders: What is your number one leadership challenge?  The answer: knowing God's direction.  This honest answer reflects a truth we deeply know — the first issue of strategy is always whether or not something is aligned to God's purposes.  Anything less is unworthy of the children of God and is sure to bring expensive spiritual, personal, and organizational failure in the long run.

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    We'll help you incorporate more effective spiritual disciplines and prayer into strategy development.  Use our Word-based frameworks to deepen your discernment and mature your clarity.  We're partners who offer fierce support until you can see the Lord's way forward.

  • God-ideas grow naturally when shared generously.

    Just as Jesus fully involves us in the strategy of our redemption, God always wants us open up ways for others participation into what he's given us to steward.  People must believe in your direction, see themselves as part of it, and have a clear way to contribute.  It's not surprising that this type of collaborative strategy-building is more resilient and successful.

    home features contactWe've built a process to open up organizational strategy in partnership with dozens of start-ups, clients, and collaborators.  It's based on the Way of Jesus, and proven by real-world experience.  We'll help you use it to calibrate your aim and align your people in a way that will make them come to life and marvel at God.

  • Strategy succeeds when it is infused in everything you do.

    Using a well-designed framework for strategy development can help your team apply vision and meaning to everything your organization does.

    home features networkWe'll help you translate the three core elements of strategy — story, connections, and position — to every area of your organization.

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Interested in hearing more?  We always are.

We love to hear what challenges people are encountering and their thoughts on how to move forward.  We'll listen and offer our best insight, and if there's a way we can help, we'll layout what that might look like. 

Let us know your details and we'll schedule some time to talk by phone or video conference in the next few days.

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